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And The “Magic” In My Gym Classes Goes On


Unconditional Love


The Other Classes

And then I realized that the other classes that I also loved so much… And knew were so beneficial for my body… Were staying behind in my “priorities” … And something inside of me did not want that to happen… So I started to “unintentionally” sense ways to incorporate those “meditation-like” feelings into them…


The Inner “Unintentional” Drive

And I would have thought that is nearly impossible… Since those other classes involve different sizes of dumbbells… And bars… And exercise balls… But the inner “unintentional” drive… Or desire… That I had to do it appears to have been much more powerful than all the doubts in the world put together…

That Wholeness

So I started with the most “automatic” and “steady” routines… And it was so fulfilling to me to feel That Wholeness that I felt for the first time ever… And I have been more and more “submerged” in this experience and in this feeling… To the point that I am now able to do the majority of the routines of that one-hour class with my eyes closed… Being one with MySelf…

Just me with Me

And I am joyfully watching me going back to a couple of classes I had stopped attending 🙂 … And I am enjoying them like I never did before 🙂 … In total communion with MySelf… Just me with Me… Regardless of how many other people are in the room at any particular moment…


∞ ∞ ∞

From: Energies In My Body… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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