Autism: Gut Flora, Fermented Foods, And Probiotics

Autism–>Gut Flora, Fermented Foods, And Probiotics: These are notes I have taken from sources about topics that interest me, and/or that have tremendously helped me along This Beautiful Journey called LIFE!!! … Many people ask me about all these things, and I decided to create a section where I post all this information. Hope you will also find it interesting and helpful… Please scroll down and click on the reference(s) for the complete information on this topic.

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Gut Flora, Fermented Foods, And Probiotics


When Taking Antibiotics

  • extremely important to “reseed’ our gut with:
    • fermented foods
    • probiotics

Supplement With Probiotics On A Regular Basis If

  • not eating fermented foods
  • eating a lot of processed foods

In A Healthy Gut

  • thousands of different species of pathogenic disease-causing microbes:
    • bacteria
    • viruses
    • fungi
    • other microbes
  • as long as the good ones predominate in our gut, they:
    • control all the pathogens
    • keep them in small colonies
    • don’t allow them to proliferate

Antibiotics Tend To

  • wipe out the beneficial bacteria
  • give a window of opportunity for the pathogens to:
    • proliferate
    • grow uncontrolled
    • occupy new niches in our gut

The Beneficial Flora

  • recovers, but…
    • different species of “good gut flora” take between two weeks to two months to recover
    • in the meantime, various pathogens can overgrow

In The Families Of Autistic Children

  • generational build-up of abnormal gut flora
    • moms
      • abnormal gut flora
      • health problems related to that
    • grandmothers on the mother’s side
      • abnormal gut flora (much milder)
    • fathers
      • also have similar issues
  • each generation is more prone to being further harmed due to the use of:
    • antibiotics
    • vaccines




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