Autism–>Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride: These are notes I have taken from sources about topics that interest me, and/or that have tremendously helped me along This Beautiful Journey called LIFE!!! … Many people ask me about all these things, and I decided to create a section where I post all this information. Hope you will also find it interesting and helpful… Please scroll down and click on the reference(s) for the complete information on this topic.

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About Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride


Views On Autism

  • very specific viewpoint about the conditions that contribute to autism
  • pragmatic approach to help decrease and eliminate the autism epidemic


  • originally from Russia, received her medical training there
  • moved to the UK many years ago
  • medical doctor with a postgraduate degree in neurology
  • worked as a neurologist and a neurosurgeon for several years
  • son was diagnosed autistic when he was three
  • realized her own profession had no answers
  • when she graduated from medical school (1984), autism was a very rare disorder (about 1 in 10,000)
  • now in many countries, every 66 children, one is diagnosed with autism
  • began deep research, trying to help her son
  • got a second postgraduate degree in human nutrition
  • her son fully recovered and is no longer autistic
  • has a full-time medical practice in Cambridge, England
  • treats children and adults with autism, learning disabilities, neurological disorders, psychiatric disorders, immune disorders, and digestive problems

Insights about Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS)

  • can make a child particularly prone to vaccine damage

The GAPS Nutritional program

  • natural treatment for autism, ADHD, dyslexia, dyspraxia, depression, and schizophrenia





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