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The Germs, Probiotics, And Mental Health

The Research


The Importance Of Gut Microbes

  • may communicate with the brain and help us be social
  • being social allows microbes to spread to others

Laboratory Studies: Germ-Free Mice

  • no microbiome (microbes) in their intestines
  • altered behavior and brain function
  • unable to recognize other mice around them
  • engage in “high-risk behavior”
  • neurochemical changes in the brain
  • genetic alterations in the animals’ brains
  • studies in infancy:
    • the absence or presence of gut microorganisms permanently alters gene expression
    • absence of gut bacteria alters genes and signaling pathways involved in learning, memory, and motor control
    • gut bacteria-closely tied to early brain development and subsequent behavior
    • treatment=> expose germ-free mice to normal microorganisms
    • the behavioral changes could be reversed if treated early in life
    • once mice reached adulthood, treatment no longer effective
    • when the intestines of germ-free mice were colonized with bacteria from other mice, they took on aspects of the donor’s personality
    • germ-free mice also had leaky intestines and abnormal microbiomes (something common in children with autism)
    • when treated with the microbe “bacteroides fragilis” → gut permeability was corrected and many behavioral symptoms went away


Psychobiotics: A New Treatment for Mental Health


What Some Scientists Believe

  • beneficial microbes (psychobiotics) could one day be used to treat mental health problems in humans
  • dietary treatments could one day be used as either adjunct or sole therapy for mood disorders

Other Research Findings

  • women with high prolonged fevers during pregnancy→ more likely to have children with autism, leaky intestines and abnormal microbiomes
  • findings in mice-studies→ potential probiotic therapy for gastrointestinal and behavioral symptoms in human neurodevelopmental disorders





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