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Mental Health… Behavior… Mood… Who Is In Charge?

We Think It Is Our Brain, But Our Gut May Be The One


Our Beliefs Through History

1800s and early 1900s

  • belief: wastes in our colon⇒ produce infections⇒ depression and psychosis
  • mental health patients-treated with colonic purges and bowel surgeries
  • eventually this was regarded as quackery


  • research is showing what was already known long ago
  • belief: mental health is dependent on the microbes in our gut
  • the huge amount of living organisms in our intestines => major impact on our state of mind


Our Gut Is Intricately Connected to Our Brain

Our Body

  • brain-in our head
  • enteric nervous system (ENS)-in the wall of our gut
    • works independently and in conjunction with the brain
    • contains 500 million neurons
    • thought to be responsible for your “gut instincts”
      • responds to environmental threats
      • sends information to our brain=> affects our well-being


Communication Between Our “Two Brains”

  • goes both ways
  • pathway for how foods affect our mood
  • fatty foods make us feel good:
    • fatty acids are detected by cell receptors in the lining of our gut=> send warm and fuzzy nerve signals to our brain


The Gut-Brain Connection

  • more than comfort food or butterflies in our stomach
  • from the research:
    • gut-brain axis seems bidirectional
      • the brain acts on gastrointestinal and immune functions=>help to shape the gut’s microbial makeup
      • the gut microbes make neuroactive compounds (neurotransmitters and metabolites) => act on the brain
    • various ways interactions may occur:
      • vagus nerve connects the brain and the digestive tract
      • microbial compounds communicate via the vagus nerve
      • immune system maintains its own communication with the brain
      • microbially derived metabolites interact with the immune system




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