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Chance Events??? … Coincidences???


Unconditional Love


Up And Down And Right Around

So… That day I went in… Tried to go in the first class but “something” pulled me back and I did not do it… Then went back to the lobby and got some coffee… Sat down and started to read something on my phone… Then closed the phone… Got up and tried to go in again to sit on some other benches inside…


Didn’t stay there for even half-a-minute and got out again… Talked in a very happy way to this and the other person that were coming in… Got up and went to the entrance of the gym, as if I was going back to my car… Then turned right around and came back in again… Then talked to this person and the other…

Some Words

Then saw one of the ladies that goes to my second class and crossed a couple of words with her… Then turned back around as to go to where the classroom is and turned back around again… And went up to where this lady was getting some coffee and crossed some more words with her… And then some more words… And some more words…

A Meaningful Conversation

And those “some more words” turned into a nice and meaningful conversation… In which she would say something and it was totally in sync with things I thought and knew about the same topic… Or I would say something with which she totally identified…


And she mentioned how this particular day she got to the gym too early because of different “chance events” …  And that she doesn’t usually get there that early…

And it was very interesting to see how we both were realizing in the midst of that conversation that there was so much more to it…

The “Something”

And as she was telling me that, I was explaining how I was going to go into the first class and “something made me” change my mind… And then I was going to go into my car and “something made me” turn around and go here and go there and end up at that point talking to her…

A Different Direction

And that way the conversation went in the direction of very profound… Not day to day… Topics… And we both sensed that we were almost exactly on the same “frequency” … We thought in pretty much the same way in relation to the topics we were talking about…


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From: A Friend I Never Knew I Had… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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