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Connecting The Dots


Unconditional Love



And usually every time “that” happens to me with such intensity and in such “recognizable” way… When I go back and reflect on it a little and “connect the dots” … There is always something very powerful and very obvious behind it…


The Perfection

And besides the restlessness and the eagerness and the energies… The perfection of the synchronicities and the timing of things that took place that day…

When I thought about it from a more “out-of-focus” state… Everything… Absolutely everything… Made perfect sense…

Too Closely Related

It was a day too closely related to many of the things I describe in “That Book” that I was just so “embarrassed” to have her… Or anyone really… Read… Or to even know that I “dared” to write it…

All Of A Sudden

Three days passed by… And all of a sudden… On a very meaningful day of February… I received a text from her… Out Of The Blue… A text that just said “Hi, I just finished reading the book. It is very interesting. The comments in person. Hahaha. Good job” … And I just said “Thanks… But please tell me everything like it is” …


∞ ∞ ∞

From: A Friend I Never Knew I Had… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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