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Disentangling From, Embracing, And Living Beyond…

Our 5 Senses

The Beauty

Our Body


Gaining An “Aerial View”

Sometimes I feel that to be able to truly Feel and perceive… And to be in contact with my impulses… I have to get somewhat “out of focus” … It is as if I need my five senses not to be so involved in the situation… It is as if this way I would gain some type of “aerial view” …

A New Way Of Feeling And Perceiving

But in reality is not “aerial view” … It is a way of feeling and perceiving to which I have never been used to… And of which I had never realized up to this instant when I remembered the numbered items below… In that order… Like “lightning bolts” that came to my mind… And about the one that is not numbered I remembered as I type this paragraph…


In A More “General” Way

I just realized that the essence of all those things is exactly the same… Getting out of focus… Getting out of the body a little to be able to perceive in a more “general” way… Or maybe it is not really “getting out of the body” … It is more accurate to say that since the five senses are not so involved… As if they were roots or knots that tie themselves to what is directly in contact with them… Without letting us “see” beyond what is right in front of us…

More Access To “THAT”

As we detach a little from our five senses we can then have a little more access to “That” which is always with us… Our energy… Our guide… I don’t know how to call it!!! … “That” which so many people… Including me up until a few years ago… Do not even consciously realize that exists… And that is always there… Ready… Available…


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From: Energies In My Body… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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