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Listen To Your Body… Always (#2)


Our Body


Reading Well-Being Articles

Ever since my child was just a couple years old, my mom spends time reading Well-Being articles and sends them to me. And most of the times I just file them in a “to-be-read-later” folder because I literally do not have time, even though most days (with very few exceptions) I wake up between 2:30 and 3:30 am, and use every single minute of the day until I go to bed at night 🙂 … Besides, I trust her judgment on what is the best path to follow to ensure the best conditions possible for my child…



About a month ago, I was getting ready to file one of those articles, but the title caught my attention, since it is something I have been experiencing very personally during the last three years… SQUATS!!! … And I really did not have time to read it… But I couldn’t “just file it” because I wanted to at least see if the perspective of the article agrees with what I have been feeling about squats all these years…

And yes!!! … Totally on target!!! … So then, with great relief I put it away and I reopened it a couple of days ago to use it for the post “The Beauty Of Squats” …

Living In Obesity

As I have mentioned in previous posts, and described in the book “Energies In My Body… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!“, I lived in obesity during twelve years of my life until those processes I describe in that book started to happen to me. And as soon as all of that began back in January of 2013 I quickly began to loose weight (lost half of it during the first month and the other half in the following five months)…

Anyways, during the last year of that obesity I started to feel that my knees were not responding as they used to, and I was suffering pain and some other types of discomfort in them. But nothing like what I started to suffer right after I lost all that weight!!! …

Such intense pain and total inability to pretty much bend them, even just a little. They felt so stiff and strange… A very “scary” situation!!!

The Most Painful Experience Of My Life

I had been walking and doing some exercise on my own since January of that year, and then in October I joined a gym… For the first time ever in my whole life!!!

I honestly have to say that it has been the most painful experience of my life… I would say that the terrible pain lasted in a very constant manner during the first year and a half, and after that it has started to gradually fade.

As I have also described in previous posts, as well as in the book mentioned above, I used to wake up crying, pretty much every single night during all that time, from the intense pain in my knees after doing exercise…

My close family, and most people that would talk to me about it during that time, used to constantly tell me that I needed to stop doing all those exercises… At least doing so much of it… Maybe just do it a couple of times a week… Maybe just one hour each time… Maybe do another type of exercise… Etc… Etc…

Totally “In-Tune” With My Body

But when I joined the gym, I was already in the tenth month of that process happening to me… And for the first time ever I started to have what they call self-esteem, and self-love, and self-worthiness… And for the first time ever I became “in-total-tune” with my body… So even though I wanted to follow everyone’s advice and opinions, as I had always tried to do, this time I just couldn’t

One Particular Type Of Exercise

So yes, it was very painful… Did not matter what type of exercise… Just extremely painful… But there was one particular type of exercise that even when painful, my body would guide me to do a little more of it… And a little more… And a little lower… And then use weights… And then add some other variations… Very slow… Very gradual process… And yes… I am talking about SQUATS!!!

My Body Would Not Let Me

Despite what most people would think and suggest to someone that has such extreme issues with the knees… Despite what my mind was telling me… I continued doing them… Every single day… Improving the quality of my posture day after day… I would, in a very gradual way, feel the muscles in the front of my knees, and in several other parts of the body, get stronger and more flexible… I could not stop doing this type of exercise because my body would not let me… And since “that day” of January of 2013 I learned (first in “that instant” and then gradually and constantly every day during all the time that has passed) to listen to my body… ALWAYS…

Touched By A Magic Wand

And my knees are doing so perfectly well now that anyone that remembers the way they were back then, and sees the way they are now, would say they were “touched by a magic wand” … to say the least!


“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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