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Here Are My Books, Very Easy Readings… From “The Bottom” Of My Soul… With All My Love… To You!!!



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Soul Meditations-For Gaia 8-8-8: Soul Communication



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ENERGIES In My Body… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

Energies In My Body... The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

  • Captures the exact day of an instantaneous realization of being totally changed, not knowing why or how. Just he "tip of the iceberg" description of all the energies, confusion, and beauty that came after that. No idea what it was then but now, after all I have Lived, I know it was the beginning of a very drastic, profound, transformative, and undeniable Awakening.

Running Out Of TIME… Is That Even Possible???

Running Out Of Time... Is That Even Possible???

  • This Awakening caused the most Beautiful Interactions to blossom. Interactions with people, with the world around, and especially with The Infinite Within MySelf. Interactions with Life!!! Most of them "Out-Of-The-BLUE." Some are Ancestral and Eternal. Others, like the two here, very fleeting, just a few seconds. The intensity of the impact they all had in me is simply impossible to describe.

More… Life-Changing… Life-Giving… Never-Ending… THOUGHTS…

More... Life-Changing... Life-Giving... Never-Ending... THOUGHTS...

  • Among the innumerable and peculiar things that began happening in me, since the beginning of My Awakening (1/7/2013), was the undeniable and unstoppable necessity to write (Never experienced this in the first 42 years of my life). Infinite number of scribbled little pieces of paper. Infinite little treasures!!! Here are many of the "little treasures," All part of THE WHOLE, not included in my previous two books.

A FRIEND I Didn’t Know I Had… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

A Friend I Didn't Know I Had... Soul T Alma – Author and Creator of This Site

  • A Friend I Didn't Know I Had...

    This book is about... (coming soon)  
  • Soul T Alma ™ – Creator And Publisher

Soul Kaleidoscopes (Vol 1)

Soul Kaleidoscopes (Vol 1) Soul T Alma – Author and Creator of This Site

  • This book is about Windows to The Multidimentionality of The Soul and of The Physical Body… The Beauty and The Meaning of “The Whole” for Our Life and Our Awakening…  
  • Soul T Alma ™ – Creator And Publisher
  • April 26, 2020


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