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Enzyme Supplements And Their Absorption


Why We Need to Supplement?

  • In a perfect world => raw (organic) unprocessed foods => high in active enzymes
  • In our world => most of us
    • eat enzyme deficient food (cooking and processing destroy enzymes)
    • fail to chew food adequately (saliva contains amylase)
    • our bodies must compensate
    • the body has to break down all of the dead food in our diets => has to produce large amounts of pancreatic enzymes instead of producing the normal metabolic proteolytic enzymes
    • enormous long-term consequences:
      • weakened immune system
      • thickened blood
      • pain and inflammation
      • cardiovascular disease
      • reduced athletic performance
      • difficulty breathing
    • supplementing with proteolytic enzymes offsets all this and restores balance

Absorption Of Proteolytic Enzymes By The Body

  • many so called experts say that the body can’t absorb proteolytic enzymes because:
    • they are broken down by stomach acid (unless in enterically coated capsules)
    • their molecules are too big to pass through the walls of the small intestine
  • in reality, we know they are absorbed by the body because we can:
    •  measure their presence in the bloodstream
    • quantify the results of supplementation in the body

Proteolytic Enzymes And The Stomach Acids

  • for the most part, enzymes can’t be digested => even though they are proteins, they are too big and too complex to be unfolded by the acid in the stomach
  • most are rendered temporarily inactive by the high acid environment, and reactivated when they enter the more alkaline environment of the intestinal tract·                    
  • instructions for using most proteolytic enzymes supplements direct us to take them between meals (stomach acid levels low)
  • proteolytic enzyme formulas should be made from enzymes that survive the stomach acid environment (non-animal derived enzymes)
  • fungal and plant-based enzymes easily survive stomach acid
  • enzymes that can survive in the stomach acids are more consistently active and functional as they are transported through the digestive tract

Absorption Of Proteolytic Enzymes

  • supplemental enzymes cross the intestinal wall and enter the bloodstream (but researchers do not know the mechanism)
  • there is evidence that proves that proteolytic enzymes consumed orally are absorbed and impact internal systems in the body:
    • empirical
    • from peer-reviewed studies·           ·




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