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Short Definition:  proteins that speed up chemical reactions

Rough Numbers: between 50,000 and 70,000 different enzymes in our body


  • regulate every metabolic function in the body
  • without them all of the metabolic functions would go too slowly to sustain life
  • make life happen

Types: there are tens of thousands of different enzymes in the human body (and yes, there are also the digestive enzymes, but most of the enzymes in the body have nothing to do with digestion)


Enzyme Formulas: Digestive vs. Systemic/Metabolic, Proteolytic

Similarities: may share many of the same enzymes (protease, papain, bromelain, etc.)


  • Digestive enzyme formula with your meal–> enzymes work:
    • speed up the breakdown of food in the stomach
  • Proteolytic enzyme formula between meals–> enzymes work:
    • quickly enter the bloodstream
    • help optimize our blood
    • get to all of the tissues in the body
    • assist with intelligent, adaptive healing
    • do not…
      • get stuck working in our stomach
      • get wrapped up with the food
      • get passed out through the colon


Systemic, Proteolytic Enzymes


  • control inflammation throughout the body, not just in the joints
  • repair and rebuild the cardiovascular system
  • optimize blood flow
  • prevent and dissolve blood clots
  • dissolve plaque in arteries and dental plaque in the mouth
  • clean up the immune system
  • minimize the impact of allergies
  • improve the ability to exercise and speed up recovery times
  • clean out the blood (different mechanisms and different end results than herbal blood cleaners)
  • may have some cancer protective benefits


Where Do These Benefits Come From?

Their ability to facilitate the breakdown of rogue proteins in the bloodstream and in the soft tissues of the body.