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Illness, Proteins, and Proteolytic Enzymes


Proteins And Illness

  • Almost everything that makes us sick is either a protein or is protected by a protein => Almost everything that makes us sick is subject to control by proteolytic enzymes
  • Examples:
    • Our DNA is, in essence, a protein manufacturing plant => Genetic diseases=our DNA not producing proteins and enzymes accurately                     
    • Bacteria, viruses, yeasts, and fungi are all protected by proteins => Attacking those proteins is key to destroying them
    • Food allergens are almost all proteins
    • Cancer cells are protected by proteins

Proteolytic enzymes

  • Digest and destroy the protein based defense shield of every pathogen, allergen, and rogue cell => lead to eliminating them
  • Examples in different diseases:
    • Established cancers reprogram the production of enzymes in the body to:  
      • accelerate their own growth
      • protect themselves from the immune system
      • supplemental proteolytic enzymes are able to alter that dynamic
    • CIC’s (Circulating Immune Complexes)
      • start out as extra-large protein molecules (mainly from wheat, corn, dairy, and soy)
      • are only partially digested in the small intestine and are absorbed into the bloodstream, where the immune system treats them as invaders (are too large to be metabolized) => immune reaction
      • antibodies couple with these foreign protein invaders to form CIC’s
      • at first, the CIC’s may be neutralized by the immune system, then eliminated through the lymphatic system and the kidneys
      • over time, as too many CIC’s are created, they overwhelm the body’s ability to eliminate them
      • the body has no choice but to “store” them in its own soft tissues, where the immune system continues to attack them as allergens => which leads to inflammation, autoimmune disorders (ex.: lupus), etc
      • diseases that present high CIC-levels can be improved or even cured by eliminating excess CICs
      • supplemental proteolytic enzymes compensate for our dietary inadequacies and errors by making their way into your bloodstream, and breaking down CIC’s in the blood and soft tissues, and passing the waste out through the kidneys and lymphatic system
      • some proteolytic enzymes (ex.: nattokinase and seaprose-S) work on specific protein related tasks (ex.: optimizing blood, reducing pain and inflammation, and cleaning out the lungs