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Ingredients Of An Ideal Systemic Proteolytic Enzyme Formula, According To Jon Barron


  • fungal protease and fungal pancreatin

    • particular strains of vegetarian protease enzymes
    • the general workhorses of the formula
    • fungal pancreatin= subset of fungal protease= a mix of vegetarian sourced enzymes that mimics the enzymes produced by the pancreas
    • to be taken between meals⇒ some enzymes usually found in digestive enzyme formulas do not help to digest (break down) food, but act as garbage collectors
  • bromelain

    • mix of two similar enzymes and their related compounds
    • extracted from the stems of pineapples
    • has been used to inhibit inflammatory factors
    • can be helpful in reducing swelling and speeding up the healing of surgical wounds and minor sprains, bruises, and sports’ injuries
    • helpful in treating osteoarthritis, especially in the presence of rutin and trypsin
    • may help support healthy blood viscosity and blood platelet aggregation⇒ protective against heart attacks
  • papain

    • found in unripe papayas
    • properties similar to bromelain
    • used as a meat tenderizer⇒ breaks down the proteins in meat
    • when taken between meals⇒ makes its way into the bloodstream
      • helps reduce
        • pain and inflammation
        • fluid retention following trauma and surgery
    • strongly marked anti-inflammatory activity
    • used for treating parasitic worms, shingles, and psoriasis
    • used along with conventional treatments for tumors


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