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These are notes I have taken from sources about topics that interest me, and/or that have tremendously helped me along This Beautiful Journey called LIFE!!! … Many people ask me about all these things, and I decided to create a section where I post all this information. Hope you will also find it interesting and helpful… Please scroll down and click on the reference(s) for the complete information on this topic.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD)

  • spectrum= wide variation
  • neurological and developmental disorder
  • many types


  • no known single cause
  • many causes (combination of genetic and environmental factors)


  • range of conditions
  • affects individuals differently and to varying degrees
  • medical and mental health issues may accompany autism: intellectual disabilities, gastrointestinal (GI) disorders, seizures, sleep disturbances, attention deficit and hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety and phobias
  • unique strengths and differences


  • most evident signs appear around 2-3  years old, but many times the signs appear much more early in life
  • lasts throughout a person’s life
  • challenges with: social skills, repetitive behaviors, speech and nonverbal communication
  • delayed learning of language
  • difficulty making eye contact
  • difficulty holding a conversation
  • difficulty with executive functioning (reasoning and planning)
  • narrow, intense, restricted interests
  • repetitive behaviors
  • poor motor skills’
  • sensory sensitivities
  • lack of spontaneous or make-believe play
  • persistent fixation on parts of objects


  • it is treatable-improvements are achievable
  • there is no one standard treatment
  • common treatments: behavior and communication therapies, skills training, and medicines to control symptoms
  • there are many ways to increase a child’s ability to grow and learn new skills
  • the earlier one starts the interventions, the more chances of success




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