Listen To Your Body… Always :) (#2)

(Originally Published on: Jun 27, 2016 @ 22:24) ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí Listen To Your Body… Always (#2) Exercise=Inspiration Our Body   Reading Well-Being Articles Ever since my child was just a couple years old, my mom spends time reading Well-Being articles and sends them to me. And most of the times I just file...Read More

Listen To Your Body… Always :) (#1)

(Originally Published on: Jun 20, 2016 @ 05:02) ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí Listen To Your Body... Always (#1) Exercise=Inspiration Our Body   My Amazement Then... And My Amazement Now Reading the advice from the articles found in and the websites, used in my previous two posts, I suddenly remembered something I briefly talked about...Read More

Meditating At A Gym Exercise Class? … Oh Yes :)

(Originally Published on: Apr 6, 2016 @ 08:48) ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí Meditating At A Gym Exercise Class? ... Oh Yes! Awakening Unconditional Love   An Incredibly Profound Experience Yes... The experience I had was so incredibly profound!!! ... I realized I was truly flowing… Totally flowing… To the point that I realized that my...Read More

And The “Magic” At My Gym Began :)

(Originally Published on: Apr 6, 2016 @ 19:47) ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí And The "Magic" At My Gym Began Awakening Unconditional Love   The First Time I Ever Attended A Gym... At 43 Years Of Age As I said before, related to the first type of class I ever attended at a gym... At...Read More

And The “Magic” In My Gym Classes Goes On :)

(Originally Published on: Apr 7, 2016 @ 10:01) ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí And The "Magic" In My Gym Classes Goes On Awakening Unconditional Love   The Other Classes And then I realized that the other classes that I also loved so much… And knew were so beneficial for my body… Were staying behind in my...Read More

My First Gym Class

My First Gym Class Beginning To Be Able To Flow… ¿En Español? –> Pincha Aquí Truly Flow… In My “Dance” Classes And In All My Other Exercise Classes... Awakening Unconditional Love   Started Attending A Gym For a little less than two years I have been attending a gym… And even though I take several classes...Read More

T A ™-Lo Bello De Las Cuclillas

Originalmente publicada el 1 de agosto del 2016 @ 04:45 by A-G @     Beneficios (cuando se hacen correctamente) … Uno de los mejores ejercicios funcionales que hay. Son la base de un movimiento humano fundamental (sentarse/ ponerse de pie). Hacer cuclillas correctamente -> tonifica los músculos que mejoran la movilidad y el equilibrio. Ayudan...Read More

S T ™-The Beauty Of Squats

Originally Published on: June 23, 2016– 10:48 by A-G @   Benefits (when done properly) One of the best functional exercises out there. Foundational human movement (sitting/standing). Squatting properly -> build muscles that improve mobility and balance. Help muscles work more efficiently. Increase fat burning. Prevent injuries. Enhance athletic performance. Tone your buttocks and abdominals. Improve...Read More

S T ™-Exercise=Powerful In Managing And Healing Osteoarthritis

Originally Published on: June 20, 2016– 04:01 by A-G @ These are notes I have taken from sources about topics that interest me, and/or that have tremendously helped me along This Beautiful Journey called LIFE!!! ... Many people ask me about all these things, and I decided to create a section where I post all...Read More