That Special Eagerness

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Unconditional Love


One Of Those Days

One day… Somewhere around the middle of February of 2016… One of those days that I got to My Gym too early… Or too late…


Too Late

Too late for the first class… A class that I deeply love but can almost never attend… It starts at a perfect time… But due to the many activities and the amount of driving I need to do in the morning, I get there too late most of the times… And even though the instructor has repeatedly told me that it is OK for me to come in late because she knows how much I love the class…

I truly  have done it many times… But it is very uncomfortable for me because it is not just “going in” late… It is also having to gather all the equipment needed for it… The step… The bar… The dumb bells… The mat… The risers… Etc… And disrupt the flow of the class in the process…

Too Early

Too early for the second class… A class that I also deeply love and starts right after the first one…


Usually I sit down in the lobby and start reading or writing some things or just close my eyes a little or drink some coffee…

That Special Eagerness

But that day… That day I was feeling that Special Eagerness… That Beautiful Energy inside that I have come to Recognize… Understand… Love… And Know so well…


∞ ∞ ∞

From: A Friend I Never Knew I Had… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

Soul T Alma



(Originally Published on May 17th, 2017 @ 18:17)

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