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Understanding “That-Something”


Unconditional Love


What was I doing there?

What sense did all of that have? … Had I perhaps lost my mind??? …

At that point… In the middle of all those “absurds” … I was already convinced that something similar was happening to me… Something similar to the day “I went” to The Office Supply Store… Something that had been happening (consciously) to me in all those other moments of my life… Especially during the last three years…


Within The “Absurd”

“That-Something” was taking me there for some reason… And many times is very difficult to perceive those signs… But in such absurd situations… With so many of my reactions being so different to what they normally would be in a similar situation… It is becoming easier and easier for me to perceive them… Many times I do not have to wait till everything is over to then “rewind the cassette” to realize about it …

Being Taken There

So I was feeling “I was being taken there” … But even in the moments when I am able to realize about it… “The reason” always remains as a mystery until later on…


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From: Running Out Of Time… Is That Even Possible???

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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