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Unconditional Love


So Beautiful And So “Shocking”

And the whole time in class… And the days after that… I kept thinking about what had happened… It was so beautiful and so “shocking” in a way…


How Far I Was

And I kept thinking about how far I was from knowing who this person really was…

From seeing her in class I thought she was a nice person and everything… But could never imagine that she was so “spiritual” … And probably the same happened to her about me…

The Depths

And then to go together to the depths of that conversation and end up allowing her to read everything I wrote was totally jaw-dropping to me…

The Why

And now that I went back to look for exactly what day it had been… Because I still could not figure out why I had such level of eagerness and restlessness that day…


∞ ∞ ∞

From: A Friend I Never Knew I Had… The Greatest Blessings Of My Life!!!

“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

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