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From “The Bottom” Of My Soul… With All My Love… To You!!!


The Energy Of Writing

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Trying to stop the bubbling and the avalanche of “Writings” is as painful as letting it all flow is Beautiful…
Soul T Alma™ (April 26, 2020)

Soul Translations

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Our Body is not just “a body” … No…  IT IS a Tremendous Intelligence… The key is to learn to tune to It… To understand the way it Communicates with us… And to follow… No, is not really “follow”, but Be one with It… Embrace It… LOVE IT… 
Soul T Alma™ (October 18, 2016)


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The New Beginnig… Always WithInMe…
Soul T Alma™ (July 3, 2020)


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“It is ALL inside of you!!! … Look Within YourSelf!!!”

Soul T Alma

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